Inhabit is a two-day conference intentionally designed to engage, encourage, and empower innovative, missional practitioners as they go about practicing the way of Jesus in place.

Inhabit was founded in 2010 through an energetic partnership between The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology and the Parish Collective as both organizations began to entertain a simple hunch: What if God is up to something really big and global but it can only be discovered through the small and local? It was through the exploration of that question that Inhabit was born—a gathering for the sake of reimagining church and transforming neighborhoods. With a dynamic mix of participatory environments, insights from seasoned leaders, and rich storytelling, the Inhabit Conference is a uniquely creative event year after year.

Each year hundreds of practitioners, pastors, social entrepreneurs, church planters, community leaders, environmentalists, denominational executives, publishers, professors, urban planners, and artists from all over the globe come together to connect, collaborate, and celebrate the good work being done in thousands of neighborhoods and parishes. They share a common vision for seeing the transformation of the church through their participation in their neighborhood. They are educated yet grounded in practice, committed to interdisciplinary work, and invested in the flourishing of the Kingdom of God.

There is very little doubt that our imagination for what it means to be the Church is changing…dramatically. If you believe that joining in God’s renewal in your actual neighborhoods is a crucial step in being the church, you should be at Inhabit this year.

Why? Because in coming together we aren’t just hoping to conspire together about how to be the church—we are collaborating toward how to reimagine our economies from the ground up, we are re-creating how we engage and design our built environment, we are re-thinking how to educate our kids, and we want to lead a faith- rooted movement to recover a deeper sense of equity and collective civic voice.

In essence we believe God is re-creating our world, and we want to join in. We don’t know the future, but we do believe that God is at work, and we believe we need each other.


About the Parish Collective

The Parish Collective connects and resources people of faith in particular neighborhoods to be the church together in the places they live. Their grassroots-level work weaves together neighborhood churches, missional communities, and any group of Christ-followers desiring renewal in the parish.

The Parish Collective is committed to neighborhood reconciliation and parish renewal through the work of coming alongside parish movements, developing rooted postures and practices for becoming more present in our neighborhoods, and inspiring greater participation in what the Spirit is up to in our unique contexts.

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