Everyday PeacemakingContending for reconciliation within local conflicts

The work of peacemaking is often stigmatized as soft and idealistic that is either reserved for political power brokers or those on the fringes of society. As followers of an enemy-loving God, it is clear that peacemaking is neither soft nor idealistic, but a subversive, costly way of life that moves us toward conflict/brokenness armed to heal rather than to win. How might we inhabit our neighborhoods equipped with a tangible set practices to engage in the beautiful and broken realities of our place as partners in God’s mission of reconciliation? This event will offer a theology and practice of peacemaking and feature diverse practitioners who are living it out in the everyday realities of their place.


The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology

What to expect at the Designing Neighborhoods Conference

Why are we doing this: We shape our environments and then they shape us, this is why designing our neighborhoods towards human connection and flourishing is so incredibly important. Communities of faith have an incredible power to shape the very…

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