Why are we doing this?

In a polarized culture, conflict is more important than ever for followers of Jesus especially within our neighborhoods and beyond to be agents of reconciliation pursing the holistic repair of relationships across difference.

What can you expect?

You will be carefully guided by a team of international curators who share a conviction that as Christians our primary vocation should be as peacemakers. They are working to move peacemaking from theory to reality, from political to embodied and from project-focused to everyday-living.

What will you take away?

You will learn a Jesus-centered peacemaking theology that is based in scripture, has been proven on the frontlines of global conflict and applicable to the streets of our neighborhoods. You’ll heart stories and practices for mutual encouragement.

Who you should invite?

Anyone who believes the call of discipleship necessitates becoming a more effective peacemaker. This will include activist, scholars, pastors, non-profit leaders, local civic leaders and concerned citizens hoping to follow Jesus as an ambassador of reconciliation.