Why are we doing this: The call to be the church in the neighborhood is universal, but for many of us this will require starting a new expression. We desperately need to see new church expressions that are place based and joining with God in the renewing of their parish.

What can you expect: The journey of starting new faith communities is as rewarding as it is complex, this is why we are so grateful to have seasoned guides who will create space for best practices along with lots of curated conversations.

What will you take away: Whether you are a part of a new church, are discerning starting a church, or have been actively planting a new church, this day will provide the language, toolkit, and encouragement to take the next steps. You’ll also be able to share your fears, wisdom, and insight from your own experience in your own parish

Who should invite: Church planters, pastors, denominational executives, professors, seminarians, and anyone interested in the future of the church