Inhabit StoriesHonest. Personal. Human.

So often, we go to conferences and gatherings for the purpose of gaining a keen insight and wisdom to take back home with us, all based around the work we’re doing. What would it look like for us to create space for connections – roots and links, as we say – not just through the work we’re doing, but through who we are as human beings? Inhabit Stories is simply a space for stories to be shared and community to be built in the process. Friday night from 6pm-7pm we’ll be hosting stories from key Inhabit Presenters and then we’ll open the floor for you to share as well.

Inhabit Stories is hosted by Shawn Braley, the founder of Cincy Stories. Cincy Stories is an award-winning organization that brings the community together through the art of storytelling. Wait until you see what they’re up to in Cincinnati’s neighborhoods through Street Stories.



The Art & Activism Space at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology