Looking for something that will stretch you and grow you into more of the leader you are called to be? Consider the Nav Neighbors Summer Internship


The world is filled with contrasting beliefs, priorities, and a plethora of differences. Our society accepts these differences and provides mechanisms and market forces that readily cater to them. Our culture is fragmented!

The parish, the diverse places which we inhabit, however, are filled with tremendous hope of God’s dream actually playing out in our reality. The collective places where we live are God’s canvas, and we are much like spools of thread.

The thread is our story, not merely unraveled and strung about but fixed with great care, weaving, and working with other threads and participating with the Master Weaver, God, to create a rich tapestry. Our lives become affixed to our place, our stories are woven together as a fabric of love and care, and we remain dependent upon the Master Weaver. Our relationship to other people and their stories matter, and a tapestry is never woven with only one thread.

Nav Neighbors is a mission of The Navigators, and we live and work in neighborhoods around the United States. We long to see “workers for the Kingdom next door to everyone.” We partner with God and others to see families, neighborhoods, and communities transformed. Our partnership with the Parish Collective around the United States has entered its second year, and we are continuing to see a beautiful tapestry being created.

We would love to find a way to connect with you and may have people that live near you around the United States. There are a variety of ways to connect with Nav Neighbors, and we are excited to announce an internship starting this summer. If you’re interested or know of someone who might be, read on!

The two and half month-long experience in neighborhood community, presence, development, and ministry will take place in Northeast Portland, Oregon. There are three areas of focus for this internship: exposure, practice and learning. As this is a pilot internship, we’re keeping it simple by extending an invitation to one or two people.

The goal is to accommodate the unique gifts, skills, and interest of each person and to be housed as near to one another as possible. As an intern, you will be guided by a few different local laborers and leaders, and your work will be situated near a family that has moved into and is actively living, loving, and serving in a neighborhood with some beautiful pictures of transformation happening.

Once an applicant accepts an offer to participate, he or she will be given an account, tools, and guidance to raise funds and to cover the costs associated with this time in Portland. All funds raised by the intern for the internship will be tax deductible.

Interns will gain firsthand experience integrating life, faith, and work in a local community context. The work will help to develop and refine skills as a local laborer and gain experience on the journey toward being a local leader that pursues community flourishing. The focus of the internship includes local immersion in a neighborhood, praying, listening, walking, exploring, studying, and participating in what God is already doing around us. Interns will also travel with a local team to visit other communities and learn what people are experiencing around the city and region.

Joining a local parish expression in and with a neighborhood that holds diverse beliefs, priorities, and differences will allow an intern to move away from a fragmented world and participate as a contributor toward God’s dream. The contribution made will be meaningful and the experience will be formative in a variety of ways.

If you would like to learn more about the internship with Nav Neighbors, you can send an email to me at james.helms@navigators.org.