Inhabit 2017

Anna Golladay

Anna thrives on curating creative, spiritual & entrepreneurial possibility. She allocates the hours in her day to a variety of orbits – all of which intersect in some intentional way.

Via her social enterprise Work of Place she helps urban churches understand how their underutilized facilities can work alongside burgeoning entrepreneurs, often lacking in resource and financing, with the intent of sparking both neighborhood revitalization and an increase in ideators who change their communities.

Via her 20-year career in the corporate sector, she has never shut up about equal rights – from bathrooms to boardrooms. She currently serves as the Director of Creative & Marketing for a large consumer products manufacturer. Her customers are some of the largest big box retailers in the country.

Via her work as an entrepreneur, Anna has successfully launched several businesses – both service and consumer product. Her current passion is the growth of her apparel companies Biased Baby and Bias & Bourbon. She partners with both Etsy and Zulily.

Via her work as Associate Pastor at St Marks Church  she believes that church must integrate with community, otherwise perish. Her ministry is focused on social justice and any inequity that exists both in and outside the walls of the corporate church. She is diligent in her advocacy of full inclusion of all persons in the United Methodist denomination. Her clients include both sinners and saints.

If asked to describe herself, she will tell you that she is:
• a design ninja
• a Jesus fanatic & spiritual envelope-pusher
• a connoisseur of killer hair
• the creator and curator of Faithmarks
• unapologetic about her love for the New Orleans Saints, the Washington Capitals and the Virginia Tech Hokies
• entrepreneurial to the core
• sarcastic to a fault