Brooke Summers

Brooke Summers has spent 18 years living among and ministering to college students at a campus church at the University of Illinois. One of the deepest joys of her life is helping birth Jesus shaped communities that are intergenerational and gather around tables and coffee shops in her midwestern campus town. Seeing the good news of King Jesus go deep and wide in lives of people and the places they live is something she never tires bearing witness to. She is called to help women realize their potential in ministry and is passionate about women and men laboring in the Kingdom together. You can find her hanging out on her couch watching Netflix with her husband and campus pastor, Casey. She enjoys filling her Instagram with pictures of her dog Sherlock, reading, morning coffee, and group fitness classes. Her laugh can be heard across a room and she tears up over something pretty much every day. After many years in the same location, Brooke and her husband are in a season of discernment where they are exploring new (to them) opportunities.