Inhabit 2017

Christine Sine

Greetings from Seattle, where I live with my husband, Tom, and my dog, Bonnie. I am a contemplative activist, believing that our engagement in God’s world should be grounded in a deep intimacy with God that only comes though contemplation, scripture study and meditative practice. I believe that our spiritual formation should interweave through all of life and equip us to engage in the challenges and struggles of our broken and needy world.

I am a passionate organic gardener; in the spring my front porch sprouts an assortment of tomatoes, peppers, squash, and other vegetables awaiting the warmer weather.

I am also passionate about helping Christians develop practices that connect their faith and spiritual disciplines to their everyday life.  I believe that Christianity is is not meant to be a Sunday only faith.  It is meant to impact everything we do and are.

My husband Tom and I work together to assist churches and Christian organizations around the world to look at the challenges facing them in the 21st century. I am currently the executive director of Mustard Seed Associates, which we founded to inspire God’s people to discover and engage God’s vision for shalom, connect Christ followers through change-making community and create processes of innovation and re-imagination to develop new models of faith, life and action.

I spend much of my time writing, blogging and conducting seminars, workshops and other speaking events on spirituality, Celtic Christian spirituality and Gardening and Spirituality. I encourage participants to recognize the encounters with God and the gospel story that occur in every aspect of life. I also facilitate contemplative retreats on reimagining how we pray, helping participates to create new practices and tools for a sustainable and enriching prayer life.  So if you are interested in hosting an event please Contact me  or check out more details on speaking topics here.

While I’m not currently practicing medicine, my background includes working as a physician in Australia, New Zealand, and around the world on as Medical director of Mercy Ships. I loved shipboard life in spite of the fact that I am one of those lucky people who can get seasick sitting on the wharf looking at the sea.

I have taught for Fuller Theological Seminary, Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, Whitworth University and other educational institutions. My latest book is Return to Our Senses: Reimagining How We Pray (MSA 2012). Other writing includes:

  • Tales of a Seasick Doctor (Zondervan, 1996)
  • Travel Well: Keeping Healthy in Overseas Travel and Service (MARC, 1995)
  • Sacred Rhythms: Finding a Peaceful Pace in a Hectic World (Baker Books, 2003). An updated version of Sacred Rhythms—now titled GodSpace: Time for Peace in the Rhythms of Life was published in 2006 by Barclay Press.
  • To Garden with God, (2010)
  • Light for the Journey: Morning and Evening Prayers for Living Into God’s World  (2010) and
  • Waiting for the Light: An Advent Devotional (2011)

Tom and I have written another book together entitled Living on Purpose: Finding God’s Best for Your Life (Baker Books, 2002) and we are still friends!

These books and other resource are all available for sale through the Mustard Seed store

Also over the last couple of years I have produced a number of other resources aimed at encouraging followers of Jesus to connect their faith to their everyday life.  These include:

Meditation Videos for Advent and Lent as well as a number of free resources that are available through MSA resources