Inhabit 2017

Eileen Suico

Co-founder and pastor at With in Seattle, WA – Eileen completed her Doctor of Missiology (Intercultural Studies) at Fuller Theological Seminary in 2014 and Masters of Arts in Global Leadership in 2009. Eileen’s research concerns her work in cultivating community living in a globalizing culture by promoting reciprocity, generosity, compassion, kindness, social justice and appreciation of diversity as characterized in our Trinitarian God. Her work involves rediscovering ways to see how the church can let ancient Biblical values lived out by the Savior can bring about Kingdom living and values in a pluralistic society, especially in issues relating to poverty, immigration, environmental care, etc.

Eileen is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Fuller’s Master of Arts in Global Leadership Program. She has also been bi-vocational working as Marketing Automation Engineer for Microsoft. She also recently co-founded a scholarship program called GirlsForCollege, an effort to raise girls’ capacity to earn higher paying jobs.

To read some of Eileen’s published work check out: 

She is a wife and a mother of three children who loves to travel – that also means road trips. Eileen also enjoys movies, tv shows, music, coffee, books and just curiously browsing the www.