Jodi Hansen

Jodi Hansen is a pastor, non-profit leader, community organizer, criminal justice reformer and energetic suburbanite who loves Jesus and Newberg, OR.


She leads a weekly bible study and worship service inside Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (the state prison for women in Oregon) and serves as the Yamhill County Community Chaplain for Home for Good in Oregon helping to ensure our neighbors-in-transition have a coach to walk with them as they reintegrate into community after prison.


She co-directs the nonprofit Remnant Initiatives whose mission is “to INSPIRE and COACH community minded individuals and groups into ACTION that improves our capacity to serve our Yamhill Valley neighbors transitioning from incarceration into mainstream society.”


Jodi holds an MA in Ministry Leadership from George Fox Evangelical Seminary (now The Portland Seminary at GFU) and is presently a licensed minister in the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends.


A bold and enthusiastic student of church history and missional movements, Jodi strives to be a disorienting and inspiring voice in conversation with the evangelical status quo as she repeatedly asks, “How can we become a sent people who also gather versus a gathered people too busy in church to be sent into a hurting world?”