Inhabit 2017

Nichola Hildebrand

Nichola is a Canadian currently living in Tacoma, Washington. She made the move from her hometown of Edmonton to live in a constant environment of Social Work and Community Development. She works alongside the Tacoma Catholic Workers who provide social support and transitional housing to people of all walks of life. She is a part of Parish Collective and serves as a Project Manager on the Design Team for Inhabit 2017. Also, she is currently a Leadership Certificate Student at the Seattle School.

Nichola’s commitment to advocate for justice and equality has led her to co-leading the Justice Cafe Tacoma. She values and utilizes the capacity that art, photography, and writing have to tell stories, as well as provide the space for self-expression(See NMHproductions). She is a passionate advocate for community and social justice, and she has traveled the globe, most often with her beloved family, seeking advocacy and understanding for those on the margins.