Inhabit 2017

Seth Martin

NW folk musician, now living with his wife Nan Young Lee in South Korea.

Grass-roots folk music for the intersection of faith and activism. Emphasizes sing-alongs and ballads that tell stories about local struggles for justice.

Has played for many Quaker meetings, catholic workers, and Mennonite groups, as well as faith communities like Circle of Hope in Philadelphia. Has sung and participated in solidarity action in many contexts, including against KXL pipeline (at Spirit Camp near Rosebud), against global militarization and nuclear escalation at Bangor Base near Seattle, in Palestine with Christian Peacemaker Teams, in Gangjeong Village (on Jeju Island, South Korea) against the construction of an illegal US-ROK naval base, and more.

Closest northwest co-workers in justice friends include Seattle and Tacoma Catholic Workers, Camas Friends, and Eloheh Farm.

Music calls out corrupt religious power and the racism, sexism, genocide and colonization of the American Empire and its support from white supremacist Christianity.

Music celebrates localism, and all that brings folks closer to their neighbors, themselves, Creator, and the land that sustains them.

Most recent album speaks out strongly in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, NODAPL, the struggles of poor laborers and immigrants, and the movement against US military colonization in Asia, especially the new base in Jeju Island.

3 Songs:

*Ballad of Eric Garner:

  1. Video:
  2. Album:

*Indian Graveyard:

  1. Video:
  2. Album:

*Fireweed Mountain:

  1. Sermon/Story and song:
  2. Album:

*Wandering Man and the Old Cedar Tree:

  1. Studio version:

(Specifically Church-focused songs):

*The Lone Wild Bird:

  1. Studio version:
  2. Playing for Father Bix:

*The Whole Earth is Full of The Glory of God (Cover by Circle of Hope):