The final snapshot of Inhabit 2017. It was such a sweet time together. It would not have been possible without the many many people that did so much work to make Inhabit happen. Thank you to all who helped curate Inhabit and to those that participated. Without your presence Inhabit 2017 would not have been the beautiful time that it was. Blessings as we all depart from this space and transition home.

God is up to something way beyond us! – Don Coleman

The  System works for some of us but until it works for all of us none of us are free. – Mark Scandrett

The idea of helping was only to quantify and qualify the misery of a space… We needed to focus on what was actually there in that place! – John McKnight

Beautiful neighbor I see the light in you I see God at work in you I need you and you need me. – Jessica Ketola

The most transformative experiences in a community are when the people in that community are the primary changemakers and institutions are simply the support. – John McKnight

Listen well sell your self free may your kingdom come on this earth! – Prayers of the People

Fear not little flock! Love as Christ loved. – Prayers of the People

Let us step into the cracks of our cities and our neighborhoods. – Prayers of the People

Restore the streets for us to dwell in. Release the gifts! – Prayers of the people

Place is a part of the sense-full world. God gave us five senses to know our place. –  John McKnight

Be the Christ you want to see in the world. – Prayers of the People

Real community is where everyone gives. –  John McKnight